Author Topic: Previsión cambio de normas en 2018  (Read 1035 times)


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Previsión cambio de normas en 2018
« on: December 17, 2015, 19:44:53 PM »
El Comité Técnico de la ISU tiene previsto cambiar las normas después de los Juegos Olímpicos de 2018 debido a los registros establecidos por Hanyu:

  "The technical committee of the International Skating Union (ISU) will initiate a change in the rules after the 2018 Olympic Games. The reform is largely overdue because of the high results of the 2014 Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu, said ISU Committee Chairman Alexander Lakernik.

  At the moment, technical assessment of the athlete is put on the basis of the basic cost of the item and the subsequent evaluation of judges in accordance with the GOE (Grade of Execution), the lowest of which is "-3" and the highest "3". Hanyu, at the Grand Prix in Nagano and the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona, twice updated the world record in the technical evaluation, as well as short and arbitrary programs. So, in any box in the final, he once for three items received the maximum "3", even after averaging judicial assessment standard GOE.

  The technical committee is working on the new provisions of the rules in figure skating, with which we will go to Congress ISU. No decisions yet, but the problem of amendments to the rules set for 2018. They have matured due to the fact that a number of skaters receiving evaluation close to the maximum, because of what the brilliant performances Yuzuru Hanyu at the Grand Prix Final in Nagano and in Barcelona evaluated almost perfect "- said Lakernik by phone.

  At the Congress of 2016 no radical proposals imposed not because of the proximity to the Olympic Games in Korea. His suggestions for improving the scale GOE we submitted to Congress in 2018. While we are talking about the technical assessment, there are opinions, it is necessary to expand the gradation levels from 7 estimate ("-3 - 3") to 10 layers: or adopt the formula "-5 - 4" or "-4 - 5 ', or in general from 1 to 10 ( current assessment of the principle components - a comment. Lakernik also said: "The assessment of the components we are also going to upgrade, but this project is in the details, we do not yet see because of too different opinions among experts."


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Re:Previsión cambio de normas en 2018
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2016, 20:03:49 PM »
Gracias. Muy interesante.  :gracias:
La mayor parte del texto está en inglés, así que si alguien quiere que se traduzca, que lo diga.  :ok:


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